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…Go home to your friends and tell them what good things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you (Mark 5:19)

I knew there had to be a way to develop income from home that was better than waking up to an alarm clock every day, punching a time clock and having bosses.

Work at Home

Hope and help are always well received when offered to someone looking for them, even if they don’t realize they are…That was us.

The best is that we have learned to believe in our dreams. It can and does happen!

The truth of it is, the best products are generally shared through marketing and represented by individuals. It’s those individuals that touch your life in special ways, showing they care, and taking the time, can change the course of your life forever, if you let them.

Build relationships…It’s about building relationships. Whatever, or however you manage to do that, you can succeed when working from home. Talking to people is vital to the success of your business…Lots of people!

Work from home programs are techniques that other people have developed involving training and applying a system to make money. We are not saying we have tried all the work from home programs out there, but we have spent a lot of money and time trying many of them.

We have been in the learning process and have come to this point in building our own website. It has not been easy and we have required help from people who have the knowledge and know how to do so, but it has been fun while learning through the many trials and errors.

Working at home in a job can change your budget significantly for the better or for worse. It is not for everyone. There can be tax advantages that save you thousands of dollars a year. On the other hand, many work from home jobs pay less and often don’t have all the benefits that traditional jobs provide. Work at home jobs are like traditional jobs; you need skills and experience to get them. Despite what the scammers will have you think, you can’t just sign up for a job. Neither will a great offer show up in your email.

When the world is flush with jobs, you can submit a resume and wait for a call. But in this tough economic climate, there is no sitting back. You need to be searching for and applying for jobs daily. Talk to people using your network to help you find possible openings. Contact businesses who can use the skills/products you have and share how you can save them money by working from home.

Find a wholesale company that is willing to ship products directly to clients when a sale is made. Why would they do this? Because they will make money and save on marketing since you are the one promoting and selling the products.

People are the greatest bonus in business. The relationships you walk away with at the end of the day are real treasures. If generosity is your general nature, you’re likely to become far more generous as you grow your business.

Remember though, nothing is free! If you hear that it is, we suggest that you run fast! Free is a term generally used as bait. There is something attached to the end of the hook just waiting for the next hungry and unsuspecting victim.

Residual income is real and you can have it. That’s money that comes to your mailbox or is delivered to your doorstep month after month, year after year, sometimes even long after you cease doing any work at all.

If you have the desire that overrides your fear, time can take you anywhere you desire to go.

A friend shared an interesting thought…Do you know that Jesus set up the perfect Network Marketing System? Think about it…He hand picked twelve guys to work with closely for three years. Taught them all He could. Worked side by side with them. They then begin to do what He did. How many years ago was that?

From those twelve, look how Christianity has grown, and continues to grow, as new believers come on board. It truly is about sharing what you believe in. But, there are kind and not so kind ways to share what you believe.

People flocked to Jesus. He never went out and bought lists of people to contact. He actually tried to hide from the multitudes. They wouldn’t leave Him alone. What He had to say was worth hearing, and people had such a desire to hear it.

Think about that. What if you never had to go after anyone again? What if they were drawn to you because they knew you had something they needed…in addition to Jesus?

Don’t Give Up!

Do you keep working on your business the same way and continue to hope for a different result? Only to get worn out and tired because you’re not thriving financially?

You are not alone!!!

The main reason entrepreneurs get frustrated and overwhelmed is because they will often just keep going through the motions, working or filling their time up with work-related activity, that is not necessarily yielding high results.

When anyone becomes frustrated, the temptation is to quit, or to feel like you don’t have what it takes to succeed in your business or bank account.

Don’t Give Up! If you “really” want to thrive, the answer is to BE different and DO things differently. Don’t keep doing what you’re doing if it’s NOT WORKING!

When you really get in touch with what you need to succeed, to get the results, the instinct to work merely for the sake of being active goes away.

Don’t stop short of your goals!

Dream without limits. It’s within your reach. Every journey begins with a single step.


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