“Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.” (3 John 2)

Some things in life you just shouldn’t take advantage of and your health is one of them!

veggiesAre you aware that the overwhelming majority of what you eat everyday is poisoning you?

Did you know that the medical profession, in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, has a huge interest in keeping you sick rather than healing you?

The drug war we need to fight against is pharmaceuticals which are being advertised directly to the consumer, pushing their use to an all time high ~ are actually the cause of illness and disease climbing to near epidemic levels.

There are many books, CDs, DVD’s and websites that promote education about natural healing therapies.

The thing that gets me is that people think the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is protecting them. It isn’t! What the FDA is doing and what the people think its doing are as different as night and day.

I applied for a job in which I had to have a complete physical and they discovered I had hepatitis C that I got from a blood transfusion when I had a hysterectomy. That meant liver biopsies, the hepatitis shots, and some kind of treatment.

After the biopsy the doctors wanted to treat me with the Interferon treatments. I refused, saying I will fix it with the help of God and change my diet. They told me that it was impossible to repair the liver. I told them, NOTHING is impossible with God.

My journey begin over fifteen years ago and continues to this day. I can say with proof, my liver is healed!! Today there is no sign of liver damage or hepatitis!

It is because of God’s healing touch and strength. I really discipline myself daily to eat foods that are good for me and drink a lot of water, herbal teas and tinctures. I do liver/gallbladder cleanses, colonics, exercise, get lots of fresh air, take my supplements and use my essential oils.

There are natural treatments that work that are not approved by the FDA. Treatments that are inexpensive (compared to pharmaceuticals), all~natural, painless, quick, and they work!

God wants us to burn on, not burn out! Burnouts come from physical and emotional exhaustion, especially as a result of stress. Stress depletes our bodies, our immune systems become weak, and sickness, even depression, can set in. Are you suffering from burnout?

Manifestations include extreme fatigue, headaches, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, tension, nerves tied in knots, inability to relax, and no medical explanation for the symptoms. Other symptoms may be emotional exhaustion (crying easily), anger, negativity, irritability, cynicism, and bitterness about the blessings of others.

Burnout causes you to be “out of control” and no longer producing good fruit. Ignoring God’s laws cause burnout. You can’t overwork your mind, emotions or your body and not eventually pay the price for excess. Whose pace are you moving at? Is it the pace God has set for you or someone else’s pace? Are you stressed-out from trying to keep up with everyone else? Are you living under the stress of competition and comparison? Are you a perfectionist with unrealistic goals?

Take control of your own heath!!


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