Mastering Our Passions

I did a class in our home using “The Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture.” The study is by Dr. David Stewart called, “Healing, God’s Forgotten Gift.” The eight week study allowed us to use the oils, share, grasp, and see clearly the resources God has made readily available before our existence. Each one has meaning for every household.

Sadly, we have chosen not to see, recognize, learn about, or use these resources.

“God’s perfect will is not to heal you; His perfect will is that you don’t get sick to begin with.”

I will be sharing about these twelve precious oils in the next few newsletters, starting with Cedarwood

A little background on Cedarwood (cedrus atlantica)

Produced mainly in Morocco, it is the species most closely related to the cedars of Lebanon. King solomon used this wood for construction of their palaces because of its aromatic oil content which lasts indefinitely.

King Solomon was one of the wisest people to ever have lived (1 Kings 3:5-12; 4:29-34). From day one of his reign, he asked God for wisdom. He had chose Cedarwood for building material in building the temple and his decision changes the course of Israel’s relationship with God (1 Kings 5)

Have you ever wondered why Solomon used Cedarwood to build God’s temple? Cedarwood would have been one of the most expensive building materials in Solomon’s time and very difficult to get.

King Solomon was aware of the history and value of Cedarwood just as his father, King David was. King David used it to build his own palace. The Egyptians used it for preserving documents. Insects had a natural dislike for the aroma.

Solomon knew that Cedarwood did more than work well as a construction material it also had effects on mental thought. He also knew that Cedarwood would be valued as much as a king’s ransom in creating a structure worthy to come within and worship God.

This long-lasting aromatic substance did more than simply preserve cloth, scrolls, and worldly treasures, its fragrance cleared the mental passages of those who came to worship God in this temple.

Also, Cedarwood oil mixed with Hyssop was used as a medicinal oil. God gave Moses the formula for leprosy and a variety of rashes, swelling, eruptions, and diseases of the skin, which includes psoriasis, skin cancers and some tumors (Leviticus 14:54)

If the scent of Cedarwood was good for King Solomon, does it make sense that we could also benefit from using it?

It makes sense to apply a mentally enhancing aroma, created by God, to assist us in our praying, our studies, and in our thinking. Of all essential oils, Cedarwood is highest in sesquiterpenes which are oxygen delivering molecules capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier.

Uses: mental clarity, effective insect repellant, enhance immune system, and boost the body’s natural defenses, help to inhibit hair loss, bronchitis, enhance deep sleep, improve symptoms of sinusitis, clean, disinfect, and protect wounded skin from infection, and much more.

Scriptures where you will learn about Cedarwood and it’s uses in Bibical times. Psalm 104:16 ~ Leviticus 14:1-2, 4, 15,-18, 54 ~ 1 Kings 6:15

It is my prayer that you will rediscover and experience the gifts God has given to us to restore and heal our physical and emotional body. That he would give you wisdom to learn all the wonderful benefits to your health and the health of your loved ones when using what He has provided.

The material provided here is for educational purposes only and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment, or prescription for any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.


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